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Product DetailSize: 2 oz   Price: $25.00  
Epicuren Clarify Exfoliating Astringent

Detailed Description

For normal oily and congested skin type.A mildly exfoliating astringent that regulates oil production and helps refine pores.

Penetrates deep into the surface of the pore to gently exfoliate away dirt and excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of blemishes, pore size, and imperfections.


Salicylic Acid ∑ A Beta Hydroxy Acid (oil and lipid soluble) unique in itís ability to penetrate the follicle, dissolve oil, and dislodge excess dirt, debris, and bacteria that accumulate on the follicle wall, a major contributing factor to congestion and acne. Salicylic acid also exfoliates the skin, opens clogged pores, and then prevents them from clogging up again by constricting pore size. It is known to neutralize the acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium (P Bacteria) while providing anti-inflammatory elements as well.

Glycerin ∑ A humectant that is highly hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Studies have shown that glycerin helps to normalize cell proliferation and encourage skin cells to mature properly. When the skin lacks glycerol the cells do not mature properly, which is a major cause of hyper-proliferation (abnormal thickening of skin and/or increased production of skin cells).

Zinc PCA ∑ This zinc and salt compound (PCA, a salt naturally found in the NMF) inhibits bacterial growth and controls oil production by regulating the hormone that stimulates the sebaceous glands.

Size: 2 ozQuantity:
Price: $25.00


Epicuren - Acne
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2 ozClarify Exfoliating Astringent $25.00

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2.5 ozUltra Rose Treat Enzyme Moisturizer $55.00

Epicuren - Scrub
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2.5 ozFine Herbal Scrub RETAIL: $30.00
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2.5 ozFine Herbal Scrub RETAIL: $30.00
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2.5 ozPumpkin Apple Spice Peel RETAIL: $52.00
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Epicuren - Toner
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